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A little about myself, I’m a scorpio, I like long walks on the beach, yada yada yada lol. Just kidding but seriously was born and raised in Dallas, TX been here all my life so I’m a Texas boy through and through, growing up I was never the small kid by any means. I like to think I was pleasantly plump. I had one passion when I was younger and that passion was food. So it wasn’t until after high school when at my heaviest ( 400+ lbs) I decided I should probably put down the fast food and push aside mommas good ole home cooking and finally make a change. Because in my head I didn’t want to be the kind of dad who had kids just to have them get me the last piece of chicken from the table while I layed comfortably on the couch or have a stroke just playing outside with my kids. That’s when I decided that wasn’t going to be me.

High School Homecoming

So like any other plump person, I shamefully went straight to Google to research everything I could about losing weight because I had no idea that there were people out in the world who actually worked out for fun and ran around as a hobby. To me those were the crazy people, why risk having a heart attack when you could just stuff your face with delicious food (was what I thought). At the start of my weight-loss journey my biggest obstacle I had to overcome wasn’t the physical aspect but the mental! I had to completely change my way of thinking about fitness as a whole so that I could finally get the results I truly wanted. I had to stop living my life so selfishly and start putting other people before myself, like that kids I had always wanted and how I didn’t want them to be without their father.

Now, once I had finally knocked down those mental barriers that troubled me for so long the real work began and to be honest I did not like it at all lol. Have you ever seen those movies where in the friend group there was always that one BIG guy that was always there for the comedic relief, well that was me and I played it well. I would look at my friends and just envy them because they had what I had always wanted, the perfect body. I knew changes had to happen and one of the first changes was to put aside my slothful nature and just do it.

I can still to this day remember the first time I laced up my shoes and began first workout routine. At the beginning stepping into a gym was so intimidating for me, I was always in my head like (everyone is staring at me, everyone is judging me, everyone is so much better looking than me, man I wish I had a pizza right now). So my first “gym workout” was in the comfort of my cousins garage, he had a pretty basic setup which for me was a perfect start because I didn’t know anything. He would help me as much as he could from getting my form right, to teaching me all he knew about the different muscle groups but what he didnt tell me was how sore I would become after all the workouts we had been doing. Believe me when I say, I was ready to quit by day three cause the pain alone made I difficult just getting out of bed, but I couldn’t quit. As much as my body told me to just stay in bed I knew all the pain I was going through then was going to be worth it in the end.

After a few painful weeks I had finally built up the confidence to finally get my first gym memebership and once I got it everything I had thought about prior had come true. My first day in the gym and I was already intimidated by everyone there, comparing myself to all the gym rats there thinking to myself I don’t belong here, why am I here? But after awhile I got accustomed to the “gym life” and even though I didn’t look as ripped or fit as everyone else, we were all there for the same reason to better ourselves!

As years pasted going to the gym became second nature, yes I had my struggles throughout the years where I didn’t go for maybe weeks at a time but eventually I reminded myself why I started in the first place and that all my hardwork couldn’t go to waste. So now that I have been going consistely for months now, I can’t ever imagine a day where didn’t get me some gym time. At this point my whole day revolves around me going to the gym and spending as much time as I can there. Hmph if only my old self can see me now and what I’ve accomplished so far. OR NOT my old self is probably too busy scarfing down a #3 with an extra side of fries, who am I kidding lol.

My whole reason for this website was to help others out there struggling with the same obstacles I myself had to go through, yeah it might not be the easiest road to take but its one that if you stay on it long enough you’ll be able to make the rest of your life the best of your life. No one has to go through it alone.