Is Your Selfishness Holding You Back?

There was a point in time where I had to face the facts and realize that the way I was living wasn’t going anywhere. All my life I had so many people who loved me so much that they did everything in their will to help me when I needed it most, they did everything in their power to make my life easier and I took advantage of them. I didn’t deserve it but that didn’t stop them from giving me what I needed to get by.

After coming to the truth of what I was doing and the person I had become, this overwhelming feeling of shame came over me, compelling me to take a step back and realize what I had been doing wasn’t just wrong but immoral. I only lived for myself and myself only, it was me against the world and nothing anyone would say could sway me or my decisions. The same people who would bend over back for me were the same people I would walk all over, always taking but never giving back in return. Selfish!

The more I took from people the less I really had, because I got so caught up in taking from others I never really learned to do things on my own. I got comfortable getting everything basically handed to me and I never really needed to work for it cause I knew I could just get it from someone else, which still brings me shame even to this day.

Every time I would start something on my own I never put 100% into it, or I’d start at 100% but eventually it was always maybe 60-70% in the end and I would never see it through to the end because WHY? I was living for myself. I’ve come to realize that whenever we do things for ourselves yeah we might get some gratification or satisfaction for it but unless we have others behind us pushing us through it’ll never come to pass.

It wasn’t until after I had saw what kind of person I was that I knew a change had to happen. Family is suppose to be the ones you can always count on, the ones who should be given the most respect to, cause they are the ones who have shaped you to be the person you are today and to be selfish & disrespect them would be insulting on your part. That shows no love or empathy for one another.

I knew I had to put in the effort to make a change, because when I see my parents I see two individuals that I think derserve more than I can give. They have given me so much that nothing I do ( In my eyes) will ever be good enough, I want them to have a life without stress, without having the need to ever work again in their lives, to have everything in life to be as comfortable as they can be. That’s what drives me to do everything humanly possible to make that dream a reality for them.

Once I put others needs instead of just living for myself, a drive deep down inside me began to takeover and now finally I’m taking the steps to make their lives easier and I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon. I would rather work 24/7 to make it happen just so that one day I can see a smile on their faces. The moment you realize the kind of impact you can have on other people believe me, if you truly love and care for them there is nothing that can stop you from accomplishing whatever you set out to do, all you have to do is look within yourself make that necassary change and just DO IT!

If you’ve made it this far just know that I love you and I know great things are going to happen in your life you just have to stop being selfish and re-evaluate your priorities and live your passion. Let money be a product of what makes you happy and you’ll truly find happiness in life I believe that to be true. Go out and be happy you already have the tools to do it!

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